Saturday, August 30, 2008

All about Kauai, Hawaii (Part I)

Well, our adventure starts Friday with Zarik, Mika and I trying to join my parents in Honolulu. Zarik got called into work that night, but it was a flight to LA, so we decided Mika and I would hop onto his flight and we'd then grab a flight to Honolulu that night. The best laid plans of mice and men, right? We get to the airport to find that Zarik's flight was delayed 3 hours!! Which of course ment we'd miss the connecting flight. We decide the best thing was to still go to LA, spend the night, and get to the airport first thing to hop on a flight direct to Kauai (our ultimate destination - my parents just decided it was cheeper to get an overnight in Honolulu after their flight and hop over the next day).

After a long and eventful night getting to LA and getting a hotel (Skywest gave Zarik a room for the night since he was technically on duty, but it was not their normal hotel and it took an extra 45 minutes to get everyone {company, hotel, us) on the same page and get us a room. We woke up and went to LAX early the next morning, got through security VERY easily and amazingly got on the first flight we tried!! We even got seats together! We got to Kauai a few hours before my parents, picked up one rental car, and went to our home for the next 10 days in Kapaa (the middle of the Eastern side of the island). Everyone else got there that evening.

The next day was spent recovering for travel. We did go to the local Safeway and pick up our food for the dad decided Mika needed a birthday balloon!

We also tried out the pool.

Then went to dinner at a semi-nice restarant called the Hukilau Lanai‎. It had AMAZING food, but we got lousy service. Not even bread for 45 minutes! Mika was starving! (as were we all)

Monday we started exploring beaches by going down to Poipu. I'm still not sure how my parents found out about this one, but there was a beach with public access next to the Sheraton Hotel on Hoonani Road. The water was a little rougher and deeper than the others we went to later, but it was a LOT of fun for all of us adults (I can't believe I can call my baby brother an adult now!). It was probably a little too rough of a place to introduce Mika to the ocean. All she did was cling to me or Zarik, and then start crying! She did like the sand, though, and tried eating a bunch.

Later we drove to Waimea (continuing our journey west) and went up north to see the Waimea Canyon. Big!!

After coming back down the canyon road we tried to continue west to see the sunset from the west coast, but got lost so we saw it from a little bit inland. Still very pretty.

Tuesday was another relaxing day. We went out to breakfast at this GREAT little place called Kountry Kitchen Restaurant in Kapaa. Amazing and HUGE pancakes!! Even Mika got one (although we had to help her out)

Zarik still tried to stay active. He worked out in the morning, and then went boogie boarding/surfing in the afternoon at a close beach called Kealia Beach.

Wednesday we went north and then west to another beach called Ke'e. This beach is protected by the cove and was a GREAT kids beach. Mika still wasn't too happy about the ocean, but she liked the boogie board! And during lunch we discovered by belly is good for something - a table!

On our way back to Kapaa, we stopped at Lappert's, a famous ice cream parlor for an afternoon treat. YUM!!

Thursday Zarik, my Dad, my sis Shanna, and bro Jonathan went on a 17 mile kayak trip around the western side of the island. So my bro Brandon, my Mom, Mika and I had a relaxing morning in the pool, then went the The Smith's Family Tropical Paradise for a Luau! We checked in and took a tram tour of their grounds. Then we went and got her stroller and did our own tour looking at all the animals! They have 30 acres of gardens that are amazing! We then went back to the main pavilion for dinner. It was an amazing spread! Very yummy! After dinner we went to a stage that was built over a pond to watch the hula show. It was a neat "History of Hawaii" hour long production, complete with fire poi's!

When we got home our kayak-ers were home and dead asleep. I walked into our room and, according to Zarik, yelled at him to not fall off in bed! In reality, I walked in to find him half hanging off the bed (one arm and leg) and in an urgent whisper woke him and told him to roll over so he wouldn't fall off the bed, lol!

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