Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mika's 1 year Dr. Appointment

We've been so busy this week I forgot to actually blog about her dr. appointment!!

We went in last Thursday (Aug 21st) for her 1 year old appointment. It was a couple of weeks late because of our Hawaii trip (darn, huh?). She is 19lbs, 10oz; 21.25" long, and her head is 45.75cm around. That is 25% in weight, 52% in height and 50% for head. All in all she looks great!! She has added a few percentiles in weight, which we really wanted to see, and is the same percentile-wise in height and head. Yeah!!

We now have switched her completely over to whole milk (organic, of course!) from her formula. We tried to switch cold-turkey, but she wouldn't have it! It took us about 3 days to fully wean her over, but that's not bad at all. She's also good to eat everything but nuts and shellfish because they are the most dangerous allergens if she is allergic. She doesn't have any teeth yet (bet we're in for it when she starts teething!) but we mash up pretty much everything for her to eat.

She did get one shot, but only cried for a second and then was fine. My brave girl!!

I'll get our Hawaii pics/story up as soon as I can. 'Till later!


Yo Momma said...

Glad it went so well with the shot and the milk switch, too! Can't wait to see you guys this Friday!

Jonathan said...

Thank you for the lovely comment! Glad to hear you had fun in Hawaii, and that Mika is growing up to be such a healthy, beautiful girl. Enjoy the last couple of months...I am having so much fun being a daddy to a little princess... :)