Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back from Hawaii!!

We had a great time!! Mika switched over to Hawaii time pretty easily. She loved seeing her Grandparents and Aunt and Uncles. It was definitely a little hard on me trying to have fun and not be left out while being 7 months pregnant and with a 1 year old, but my mom was such a help an let me go with Zarik on things I could a bunch. Zarik absolutely LOVED Kauai. He's already talking about moving there, lol! (Not going to happen anytime soon!) He woke up and went for a jog along the back roads we were saying along almost every morning. He, my dad, brother Jonathan, and sister Shanna went on a 17-18 mile kayak adventure, too! Zarik definitely wanted to stay there longer than we did, lol! We went to 3 beaches around the island (Poipou, Ke'e, and Tunnels) where we were able to snorkel and/or just hang out. Mika didn't like the ocean, though. She was fine on the beach, but hated being out in the water for the most part! Even the most calm beach (Ke'e) was a little too wild for her. She got to eat plenty of sand, though!

I don't have many pictures as my mom played photographer for the trip, but will be getting copies of her pics in two weeks so I'll post some then!! For now I'll leave you with my li'l "homegirl" getting a bottle from her Uncle Jon.

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JanObe said...

THIS IS SO DARN CUTE - and I deleted my last comment because I spelled cute wrong...