Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mika had a UGI test today

aka an Upper GI test. Basically she had to drink a few oz of "vanilla" flavored barium while they took a fluoroscope x-ray to see how it went through her GI system and if there were any anatomical abnormalities. Zarik got called to work yesterday, so he couldn't be there. The Dr and assistant were great though, when I told them I was 4 months pregnant. I got to stand behind a lead wall and watch though a window. They did have to turn off the x-ray and call me in to help get the last 1/2 oz in her, but besides that Mika did great!! And the best news is that everything looks great!! The Dr did see her reflux, but it's, for lack of a better word, "normal" - not caused by something bad. So she'll probably outgrow it in the next 3-15 months!! Even though this has seemed like a huge ordeal the last three months or so, I am so glad we now know what the gasping is, what causes it, and how to treat it (basically to watch her outgrow it). So here's a big "WHEW!" and a couple of recent cute pics!!

With the Meercats at the Zoo

Playing in her new splash pool

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

Riding a dino!

With Aunt Mriah at Grandma Linda's house

Mommy and Me - We're cool chicks

Too cute!


Boxes are fun to play in

Hiking with Mommy and Daddy

I'm now a crawler!

Baby Picas-ette!

With Aunt Stara when she visited us

A quick blurb about "Munchkin" and me

I did see the midwife a couple of weeks ago. Although Li'l Munchkin was running running around we did hear his/her heartbeat nice and strong after a couple of minutes, but didn't get the actual heartrate. Li'l stinker! The midwife did say I have an anterior placenta (up front) which I think is weird because we heard Munchkin's heartbeat earlier than usual (8w) and I felt movement earlier that usual (11w) and usually both of those happen later with an anterior placenta.

This pregnancy has definately been hard on me. Of course it is exagerated some because of poor Mika being sick so much and not sleeping though the night anymore. I can finally keep stuff down, but am still working on the GI stuff, which means I still get stomach/lower abdominal cramping and have to run to the bathroom. It is getting better though, and I can eat meat again, so that's good. I'm just really tired now.

Friday, May 9, 2008

My baby's 9 months old!

Wednesday was Mika's 9 month birthday! Today we went to the pediatrition for her 9 month checkup. She's still pretty little, but gaining and growing which is awesome!! She's 15lb4oz (10th percentile), 27.5" long (50!th percentile) and her head is 50th percentile. The dr's not at all concerned about her weight, especially since she's had so many virus' the last 2 months (she got another one right before we left for California) and with the whole switching to formula less than 3 months ago. She's right on developmentally (almost crawling, babbling, starting to pull up, etc.). We talked about feedings and solids and we are pretty much going to start doing more "big people" food for her and not worry about baby food since she doesn't really like it. She gave us a lot of ideas for food, so I was glad about that. Mika's been sleeping horrible, but the pediatrician thinks it's 'cause of the virus' so to give it another week or so, then some tough love! The gaspy thing (trachio- or larangio-malacia) is still there so we're going to see a pediatric GI dr soon to see what he has to say about it. I'm also looking into a Naturopathic Physician, so we'll see what happens. Then she got a DTaP shot and didn't even cry! Barely even noticed! I think the puffs she was holding helped with that, lol. So all in all a great appointment!!

Grads, Babies, and Moms

We just got back from a weekend in California! (Yes, I know it's Friday!) It was good times had by all. The main theme of the weekend was Flene, Zarik's sister. She graduated from PA (Physicians Assistant) school, and we had a baby shower for her, since she's about 7 months pregnant.

We came in Friday night and Flene and her husband Justin picked us up from the airport and drove us to Auburn. Zarik, Mika and I stayed with my parents since Zarik's family had extended family there as well.

Saturday was the Baby Shower! Zarik, Mika and I went over to his parent's house early to help with set up. Great-Grandpa Gerry watched Mika while I did the meat platters. We kicked off the party with food! We had a mini-sandwich bar. The bread was mini-croissants, then we had meat and cheese platters and condiments. There was also fruit salad, deviled eggs, olives, and pickles. It was yummy! Then we played games. Zarik's mom, Linda, had about 10 planned! We only made it though I think 6. There was a "guess the baby's heritage" one, a "poopy diaper" one, a "break the water/pregnant with a balloon" relay race,

TP diaper (like the TP wedding dress one) that ended the a "mommy" feeding the "baby" real baby food (yuck!),

"a pick the safety pins a out of the rice", and I think I'm forgetting one! Then the parents-to-be opened their presents!

It wrapped up pretty quick after that. That night Zarik, Mika and I went to Benihana's with some of my family for my brother's 21st birthday! Yumm!!

Sunday found the three of us meeting Zarik's family to go 2 hours away for Flene's graduation. It was outdoors, and although windy, we had a great time. We sat on the grass and got to just relax and let everyone play with Mika during the ceremony. Then there was a buffet afterwards.

Unfortunately, Zarik had to part from us afterwards to catch a plane back home so he could go to work early Monday.

Monday Mika and I spent with my mom celebrating Mother's Day. We stopped to say hi to a good friend, then Grandma had to take Mika shopping, of course! We got a cute outfit, some Robee's, a couple of swim diapers, and a cute clip for her almost-long-enough hair! Then we picked up my grandmother and went back to my parent's home. There we had a nice Mother's Day dinner (tri-tip shish kabobs, garlic bread (Colombo! My favorite!), a Caesar salad, and rice). Then we all played Hand and Foot - my family's all time favorite card game!

Tuesday Mika and I left to go meet Zarik in San Francisco. He called the hotel, so we got to get his room early. We took a nap, watched some TV, went swimming and ordered room service.

Wednesday, we relaxed in the morning, and had a leisurely breakfast. Then we went swimming again. Later we took a walk to the bay. Bad idea! It took us over 2 hours! I was glad I brought Mika a hat, even though I didn't have any sunblock and her cheeks have a "healthy glow" now. I'm sore from it, too! Then Mika and I had to leave. We went through LA to get home, and our final plane was an hour delayed, so we didn't get home until 2am Thursday!! So that's what I meant by we "just" got home from our weekend in Cali!

We had a lot of fun!