Friday, May 9, 2008

My baby's 9 months old!

Wednesday was Mika's 9 month birthday! Today we went to the pediatrition for her 9 month checkup. She's still pretty little, but gaining and growing which is awesome!! She's 15lb4oz (10th percentile), 27.5" long (50!th percentile) and her head is 50th percentile. The dr's not at all concerned about her weight, especially since she's had so many virus' the last 2 months (she got another one right before we left for California) and with the whole switching to formula less than 3 months ago. She's right on developmentally (almost crawling, babbling, starting to pull up, etc.). We talked about feedings and solids and we are pretty much going to start doing more "big people" food for her and not worry about baby food since she doesn't really like it. She gave us a lot of ideas for food, so I was glad about that. Mika's been sleeping horrible, but the pediatrician thinks it's 'cause of the virus' so to give it another week or so, then some tough love! The gaspy thing (trachio- or larangio-malacia) is still there so we're going to see a pediatric GI dr soon to see what he has to say about it. I'm also looking into a Naturopathic Physician, so we'll see what happens. Then she got a DTaP shot and didn't even cry! Barely even noticed! I think the puffs she was holding helped with that, lol. So all in all a great appointment!!

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