Sunday, May 11, 2008

A quick blurb about "Munchkin" and me

I did see the midwife a couple of weeks ago. Although Li'l Munchkin was running running around we did hear his/her heartbeat nice and strong after a couple of minutes, but didn't get the actual heartrate. Li'l stinker! The midwife did say I have an anterior placenta (up front) which I think is weird because we heard Munchkin's heartbeat earlier than usual (8w) and I felt movement earlier that usual (11w) and usually both of those happen later with an anterior placenta.

This pregnancy has definately been hard on me. Of course it is exagerated some because of poor Mika being sick so much and not sleeping though the night anymore. I can finally keep stuff down, but am still working on the GI stuff, which means I still get stomach/lower abdominal cramping and have to run to the bathroom. It is getting better though, and I can eat meat again, so that's good. I'm just really tired now.

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