Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Progression of my Belly

Here I am from start to (almost) finish!6 weeks !
18 weeks!
24 weeks!
24 weeks closeup - No bellybutton!
35 weeks! About to pop!

A couple of "baby pictures"

Here are some pictures of the ultrasounds we have had this pregnancy! Mika's Sweet Face!
She was active for this one!
Her little foot!
A top view
And this is Mika 4 weeks bigger!!

Here we go!

So, due to PhotoSite discontinuing service, and me hating all the other services out there, but loving Picassa2 and what it has done for my photos, I'm starting a blog to post pics for all those who don't have myspace. So I hope you enjoy the saga (verbally and photographically) of our li'l family!