Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's a......

Ok, I've been a very bad blogger. I've had this post ready for two weeks, and just haven't posted it because I couldn't get my scanner to work. So finally I just TOOK pictures of the ultrasound so I can get this up here!!

Anyways.....It's a boy!!!! Urijah Andrew will joining our family in November! The ultrasound went great. Urijah was definately not being shy at all, lol! The ultrasound technition had barely put the wand on my stomach when she said "Oh, there it is!" I didn't get it at first until she wrote "Boy oh Boy!" on the screen! Our li'l guy is very healthy. He measured PERFECTLY to our due date, so November 1st it is!! The only "concern" was that the placenta is a little low. It's not placenta previa or anything, but they will do another ultrasound in about 10-12 weeks to make sure it's moving up (which they normally do) and not becoming placenta previa.

That's about it!! Enjoy our pics of our li'l Urijah aka "Rya" or "Rye Guy"! (Thanks for that last one, Shanna!)

First a few profile shots.....

Now a closeup profile....

And the "money" shot!! See the buttcheeks on the bottom right, with one leg extending to the left, and one extending up? Boy oh Boy!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Big Ultrasound coming up in a week!!

So I had an appointment with my midwife last Thursday. The appointment was good. I'm still about -2 lbs for my weight gain (lol), but with all my morning sickness and GI issues, Sharon says that's fine. She was happy I've found some stuff that is really helping with it all and says just to keep it up! We talked a little about what they would do should I not go into labor on my own. (A concern of mine since I didn't w/ Mika - it was an emergency induction then c-section at 41 weeks due to NO amnionic fluid due to something wrong with the placenta) Since Sharon is a midwife, she does do things more naturally than most OB's. I am going to start Evening Primrose oil to help ripen my cervix at 38 weeks. She will give me "tips and tricks" later on for things I can do to help get things started if I want them. She will let me go to 42 weeks (with weekly biophysical profiles after 40) before we start the whole "what now" talks, but she says she's only had 2 women ever not go into labor on their own at that point. In talking to her I realized what an exception to the rule I was with Mika. I really liked everything she had to say as it really lined up with my desires and helped calm some of my fears.

When she felt my belly she said my uterus does feel a little high for 17 weeks, but she's pretty sure my dates are correct, so I'm fine with that. I guess I'm just sensitive to movement and Munchkin has a strong heart!

We heard Munchkin's heartbeat again. S/he was moving around a bunch, just like his/her older sis did, lol, but we finally got it in the 140's, so yeah! And the best part - We go for our Big Ultrasound (where we find out the gender) in 1 WEEK!!! Whoohoo!! I though she'd have us just wait 4 weeks from our appointment (the normal appoint schedule), but she'll do a full appointment afterwards, too! I'm so excited!!!

SO...........Any Guesses??!!