Friday, August 8, 2008

3D ultrasound of Urijah!!

Yesterday, on Mika's birthday, we got to see Urijah in 3D!! It was so neat!! The little goober wouldn't wake up and move around for us, though. Figures! He moves around all the time, and especially all night, then when we try to say hi he just snoozes!!! Oh well, it was still fun!! The black triangle on the left is his elbow. He had one hand up behind his head. Looked like he was comfy!! And watch out for the "boy oh boy" shot! ;)

On a quick sidenote, it was really fun being in my midwife's office on Mika's birthday! We were all saying things like "a year ago today we were at the hospital!" Even with the ultrasound technician we got to say "a year ago yesterday you were doing an ultrasound on Mika and found we had no amnionic fluid left!" It was special.

Enjoy seeing our li'l guy!

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A Perfect Life said...


I cant wait to get our 3d ultrasound done, its not until the 30th.. im excited! : )