Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Worse than a fever (some TMI)

Unfortunately, the fever was just the beginning. Saturday morning we woke up to Mika vomiting all over herself and the bed. Three times. And a diaper full of diarrhea. We were going to take her back to the Dr, and we were going to get there right before they closed, but we got a flat tire on the way. So I called and talked to a nurse while Zarik changed the tire. We started her on pedialyte, gave her small amounts of of bananas and rice cereal (the baby BRAT diet) and waited about 16 hours before trying formula again. She did OK until about 4 in the morning, then threw up again. Luckily her fever was gone by this point. We continued Sunday and Monday to do just pedialyte during the day with some solids, and try formula at night. She started refusing the pedialyte and continued to throw up the formula. Tuesday I called the Dr since I was concerned she was still throwing up and now refusing the pedialyte almost completely. We saw her at 1:30. Mika was on the low end of dehydration, so she told us to try plain pedialyte with white grape juice, or really watered down Gatorade if she wouldn't take that. So far she likes the Gatorade. We were going to have to go to the hospital for IV fluids if she didn't drink 6oz or have a wet diaper by 8pm. Well, no wet diaper, but she did drink, so the Dr told us we'd watch her overnight, and if there was vomiting or no wet diaper by morning, to call and we may have to go in. Her diaper was soaked, which was awesome. Unfortunately, she had a coughing fit after having about 1 1/2 oz of Gatorade at 6am and that made her throw up. The dr said just to continue to watch her since it was the coughing that caused it, and if the coughing gets worse and keeps causing her to vomit, we'd have to bring her back in. Right now Mika is taking a nap and Zarik and I are trying to rest. It's been a loooooong weekend.

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Hicks Family said...

Poor thing... =( Don't worry, she'll be okay. Ethan and I just got over that also. Ethan did okay but I had to go to the ER and get an IV cuz I was so dehyrated and they were concerned about the baby. Hope she is doing better soon! It took me about a week to feel better, I vomited for about 3 days though so she may be fussy for a few days even after she's done vomitting.