Friday, March 21, 2008

Mika's first fever :(

So my poor li'l girl got her first fever today. She woke up a few times last night coughing, but I think that was just because silly Mommy forgot to fill up the humidifier - oops!! She was a little fussy at the beginning of Bible Study, which was weird, then while I was talking for a few minutes, one of the gals held Mika and when she gave her back, said Mika felt hot. Now, Mika is a hot baby, period. She and Zarik (whom she gets her hot-bloodedness from) can't cuddle for more than a few minutes before they are both overheated and sweating bullets. But I noticed her eyes looked a little glassier than normal, too. So I took her temp when we got home, and sure 'nough, it was 102.3!!! So a call was made to the dr, who wanted to see her. So I drove 50 minutes to the north office (we normally go to the south office, but they were closed for the day) only to have her fever down to 99.7. Everything else looked good, so the dr gave me some things to watch out for, how to treat it, etc. Really, nothing The Baby Book by Dr Sears didn't already tell me. Then it was 45 minutes back home. *sigh*

Oh, and after checking in, I had to hand Mika to the receptionist and go toss my cookies. Gotta love morning - I mean all day - sickness. *double sigh*

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