Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dr. appointments galore! Mika Update...

So today we (Mika and I) had some Dr appointments.

Today was originally schedualed for a reflux/prevacid check. It turned into a sickness update/reflux check. The flu poor Mika had is turning into a resperatory thing (so a cold) and I guess it's fairly common for it to do that. The pedi thinks the coughing will culminate Sat/Sun, and there may be more vomiting associated with it because of all the draining mucus and the coughing. That should be lovely, as we'll be in Cali then for a funeral. I can start giving her half-strength formula again today. She just had 2 oz w/half a scoop and some pedialyte/white grape juice to chase it down.

As far as the reflux goes, because of the vomiting plateau (even when everything else was getting better she was vomiting) and the fact that she didn't do her gaspy thing until 4 days off the prevacid (she wasn't keeping it down, why bother giving it to her) We are pretty darn sure it's reflux. Basically, with any illness reflux is aggravated and that's probably why she plateaued. So we're on the prevacid until her 9m appt and then we'll re-evaluate her, probably take her off for a couple weeks to see how she is, and if she hasn't grown out of it we'll go to a GI dr. I'm also going to start giving her acidopholus (doing research on this now) to help heal her body/give her body a break so she has a better chance of growing out of this in a month and a couple of weeks.

The shirt says it all

Our little "almost" crawler!

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