Monday, February 11, 2008

New York!

We just had an awesome weekend! We'd been thinking about visiting Steven, the best man in our wedding, out in NY, NY, where he moved last year. Well, Zarik finally said "Let's do it!" so we did. Thursday night we flew in, dropped our stuff off at Steven's apartment (aka his hugely expesive 1 bedroom condo) in the Upper East Side and went to eat at a local diner.

Friday Zarik and I "slept in" until 9am EST (7am MTN). We did a little clothes shopping at a consignment store and a goodwill (he lives in a really nice neighborhood so there were some great clothes for great deals!), went to 'bucks, then made our way by subway (!!!) to where Steven works - Times Square!!! There was a great little "cafeteria" style cafe called Duke's under the corner of his building where he joined us for lunch. After we left Steven we took the "South Ferry" subway to...South Ferry. ;) We took some pics of the Statue of Liberty, then decided since we were at the end of Broadway that we'd walk up it all the way to times square. (Crazy Us!) We saw the site of the World Trade Center, Union Square, Madison Square Park, a bit of SOHO, the Empire State Building, and a few other things that aren't coming to mind right now. We joined Steven at a BBQ place around the corner, again at Times Square. Then Z and I took the subway back to Steven's place.

Saturday we woke up, went to a great place called Fetch for breakfast, then walked to Central Park (only about 10 blocks or less from Steven's) where they were having a snowboard/ski thing. There was a snowtubing thing they set up, a warming hut with free cider, yougurt and maple candy, a husky rescue group with a red "Sierra" and a perfect "Juneau" (our dogs), and a representive from all the "local" ski hills. It was neat! We walked around Central Park for a while then Steven took us to the really cool underground Apple store, then to Rockafeller center. Then we headed to Grand Central Station which is where we caught the subway back home. We got some chicken from a place called "Pio Pio" and made a salad for dinner. Then about 11 we walked to an amazing frozen yougurt place called Pinkberry. They put fresh fruit and things like granola on what tastes like frozen yougut - complete with the tagny bite yougurt has! It was really good!

Sunday we went to the Met (Metrapolotin Museum) and buzzed through the first floor before our flight.

All in all, it was a really awesome trip! Mika was great and very flexable about napping in her stroller. She did have a tummy issue because daddy gave her too many mashed potates complete with all the butter, milk, etc. I felt so bad for her!
Here are a few pics I took. It was hard pushing the stroller and since we were kinda just buzzing through things to get a lot a good shots. We figured this was a recon trip so next time we'll know what we really want to do and see!

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Dukymom said...

It looks likde you 3 had a great time in the Big Apple! Next time you go, if you'd like a babysitter, just ask Grandma, I'm sure she'd be glad to help out!
Love you all!