Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mika's 6 month appointment

The concerns I went in with were 1) Her weird gaspy episodes, 2)Her weight (I had mommy intuition that she had either platued or lost some) and 3)I want her on an alternative shot schedual because of some reactions after her last shots.

Now, this is a new dr for us. We were using a FD and while I think she's great, she really wasn't cutting it with Mika. She kept telling us to go to the ER for the gaspy thing and not following up.

As far as the shots went, the new pedi was totally fine with it!! She said a lot of her patients do an alternative schedual, so yeah!!!

She was so incredably great at listening to our concerns, asking good questions, and making a pro active plan. So here's the deal:

Mika has lost weight. She was 11lb13oz at 4m. She was 12lb4oz at 5 m(sick baby visit). Today she was 11lb12.5oz. *sigh* She really doesn't want to come right out and supplement with formula with out doing a month of good milk-supply-upping stuff, which I am sooooo glad for!! That's what I wanted and what she suggrested! So I am now on Reglan 3x/day, and am under orders to up the Mother's Milk Tea and drink TONS of water. (I'm already drinking 3-4 liters a day!) She also wants me to start pumping before feeding, see what I get, nurse Mika to see if she gets some hindmilk, then give her what I pumped. We are also to totally bump up her solids. We just started this week, but had only been doing like 1oz 1-2x/day. We are now to do cereal w/1 vegi or fruit (whole or at least half of the jar) after first and before last feedings of the day, 1 jar each of a fruit and vegi for "lunch", and a snack of puffs or a biscit in the afternoon.

Also, we go in a week from mon to have a chest x-ray and upper GI test to see if what is causing the gaspy thingy. She gave us two possibilites at this point: Silent Reflux (would have to be REALLY silent as Mika is NOT a fussy baby in any sense of the word) or Tracheomalacia, and I quote from the internet "a process characterized by flaccidity of the supporting tracheal cartilage, widening of the posterior membranous wall, and reduced anterior-posterior airway caliber. These factors cause tracheal collapse, especially during times of increased airflow such as coughing, crying, or feeding." We will discuss more what we will do with either of these when we figure out what it is. She said something like if it is Tracheomalacia she may just need to grow out of it. Then we will work on the feeding/weight issues completely separately.

I gotta say, although I am VERY happy we are being proactive in all this, I am so bummed we have to be. This isn't going to be easy.

Thanks if you made it this far.

PS She was 25" (25%) w/a head circ. of 42.5cm(45%!) So other than her weight, she's growing great!

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Dukymom said...

It's a good thing she has a pro-active mommy and daddy! She is in good hands!