Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lactation Consultant

We saw a lactation consultant today. We told her what's been going on with Mika and me, and then she watched me nurse Mika. She saw how Mika gets her letdown quickly and gulps it down. After only two min on the boob she said to take her off, that her sucking had changed. She asked if we were oppossed to supplementing and then gave Mika a 2oz bottle. She sucked it down so fast! After a few min of talking to us, she was looking at Mika and said, lets try another. Mika sucked that one down too!! The LC was shocked!! So while I work on my milk supply I'm to supplement her with up to 4oz after bfing. Then I pump to help me while Mika NOW happily plays. I'm starting fenugreek, upping my calorie intake and turning some of water to juices and gatorade (she said I was probably drinking too much water!). She gave us a much more realistic solids schedual for Mika.

And, she doesn't think Mika has silent reflux, or if she does it's really mild. She said the kid is just HUNGRY!!! That's such a mixed blessing, lol. On one hand, I am soooooooo releaved there's probably not anything serious wrong with her, on the other, I FEEL INCREDABLY GUILTY! I was starving my baby! She's going to talk to our pedi and wants to hold off on all the tests we were going to get done starting next mon. I'm glad we hadn't started the previcid yet. So now I'm just waiting on a call from either her or the pedi to confirm we're delaying the tests, and starting this new plan.

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