Saturday, September 12, 2009

Random Wanderings

*NOTE* This is the third post I've done today on activities we've done this summer. So don't forget to scroll down and check the others out!

Lately we've discovered that one of our favorite things to do is take random road trips. Just in the last two weeks we drove out to Buena Vista just to see the river and get some coffee, to the Denver Aquarium, and finally on a loop from Woodland Park through St. George to Tarryall Rd, then took Tarryall to the Reservoir, then up to the 285, then down Pine Valley Rd to Deckers, over to 67, and back to WP. Ok, ok, just look HERE to see where we went. Anyways, here are some videos and pictures from our trip to Tarryall:

Walkin' around the shore of Tarryall Reservoir

Throwing Rocks in Tarryall Reservoir

Aren't they cute?

Mika in front of the Reservoir

Urijah found some things to play with on the shore

Pretty Girl

On the Road Again...

Self Portrait (hey, I gotta get myself in here somehow!)

Pit Stop!

Mmmm...Ice Cream!

Adventures in Feeding...

...on the Road

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