Friday, November 13, 2009

A General Update

So it was pointed out to me that it's been a while - again. I guess when there's not a lot going on I find it hard to find "exciting" things to blog about. I should probably get over that, huh? :-) So, what has been going on with us lately?

Mika can now count to 10 and do most of her ABC's! Such a smart girl. :-) She still is completely in love with animals. We haven't started potty training yet because she is just not ready. We may do a "crash course" to see if we can get going on that before Christmas, though.

Urijah is now 1!! Big guy! As Halloween was his birthday, and Zarik was gone, we didn't to a traditional party. We just did all the "Halloween-y" things like going to Treat Street at the High School and the Harvest Festival at a local church. (Can I say how grateful I am for indoor Halloween activities here in Colorado? I can? Good. I am very grateful for them.) I don't know if I ever mentioned, but he started crawling about 2 and a half months ago and is now all over the place, up the stairs, and into the dog food. He also cruises along furniture VERY well and we are encouraging his walking skills. His favorite thing in the world is DOORS. Yes, you read that right. DOORS. He could open and close doors all day long. We don't usually have to worry about him going into a room we don't want him because he stops at the entrance and plays with the door!

Zarik has been working a lot. Last month I saw him a total of 6 days, and the 6th he wasn't actually supposed to be here, so it was a blessing! Some of that was other trips, but it was really hard. He's going to be here a lot more this month, and I'm grateful for that. The kids and I have been busy with MOPS, Bible Study, and just general day to day living. I also had Munchkin Market though my MOPS group last month, which is a HUGE consignment sale/kids rummage sale. As a steering member, I am there the entire time, so my mom came out to watch the kids for me. A million thanks, again, Mom! You Rock!!

That's pretty much it for now. I've been really bad about taking pictures, but I'll try to put some up soon.

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Michelle said...

Good to see you posting! Busy lives leave little free time, but it's good to see you're still around! ;)