Saturday, September 12, 2009

The 5 Days That Became 3 Weeks

We had an extended vacation to visit our families this summer! Although, it wasn't planned to be as long as it turned out...

We planned on staying for five days. I had to tell my mom that we were going to be spending most of the time with the Brost family, since we hadn't had a lot of time with them since Christmas. She understood, but was bummed, of course. The reason we "had" to leave was because Zarik had to be at work. So after our five days were up, we go to the airport. We went later in the day because the loads looked decent. Well, unfortunately, a flight was delayed and screwed everything up. So we were stuck for that night. On the way home we decided that the kids and I should stay for another 3 days to a week while Zarik went to work, and then he'd come get us. When he came back, we went wakeboarding with his brother, and Zarik broke his face.

Do I have your attention now? Hehe!

What happened was Zarik fell hard - on the handle or just the water, we're not sure - but didn't know he'd really hurt himself. Later on he went to equalize the pressure in his ears (you know - plug your nose and blow) and all the air escaped his sinuses and went under his eye!!!

After calling around to Stara and Flene (who are both into medicine - Stara has her EMT licence and is looking at Physical Therapy while Flene is a Physicians Assistant), my mom's eye doctor, and Kaiser, we determined that what had happened was his eye was tramatized, but it displaced the trama to the bones around his eye. This cracked the ethmoid bone which allowed air to escape the sinuses. We decided it would be best to go to Urgent Care because it probably wouldn't be good to fly with this injury and Zarik would need a note for work. Sure 'nough, he was grounded for at least another week! Since he had about five days off after he was cleared to fly again, we just stayed for a week after that, too! It was a total God thing that Zarik got the injury he got, with no complications (his sister was all "I'm glad the air bubble didn't go to your brain!"). We couldn't think of any other injury that would totally trap in California, and yet not really limit his fun.

So here are some snippits from our trip:

We all drew "tattoos" on eachother

I keep trying to convince Zarik he needs a real one

Swinging on the Rope Swing at Kidd Lake

Hanging on my parents' pontoon boat

Mika swimming with Mommy

Urijah swimming with Daddy

Sleepy Boy


Cute couple, if I do say so myself. :-)

Lion Towel

Mika turned 2! Mommy made her cake!

Hanging with Mommy

Janis, Jackie, and Kailah dancing on the pontoon boat

We got lots of Grandma time in

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