Friday, May 1, 2009

He Takes After His Daddy

Urijah has been coughing since Monday. It started just as a mild chest cold with a small temperature (never above 101.3). But as the week wore on, no matter what we did, his cough kept getting worse. Even though his temperature was gone by Wednesday night, by Thursday night he was having a tough time breathing and everything was making him cough. Thankfully he slept OK at night (I would get up once or twice and give him a dropper of water when he would cough really bad). By Thursday afternoon even Zarik was saying we should take him into the Dr. So today (Friday) we did.

Turns out our poor baby has Bronchiolitis and an Ear Infection. I was actually kind of surprised.

You see, with Mika it seemed like every time she got kinda bad we'd take her in and be told "It's just a virus. She'll be over it soon." We did get close to taking her to the hospital for an illness once but she that was a flu-like virus. She has never had an Ear Infection or actually needed an inhaler/nebulizer. (She was given an inhaler once, but it turned out to be the wrong treatment for what was going on).

All that to say, I was kinda surprised that Urijah actually had something more than "just a virus" and needs actual treatment for it. Since the Ear Infection isn't really that bad, we aren't doing antibiotics yet, but have a script for them if it comes to that. We did get ear drops to help with the pain, though. And for the bronchiolitis, we were given a nebulizer.

As for the title of my post: Zarik is thrilled about the nebulizer because now he can use it when he gets sick! You see, whenever Zarik gets sick, it goes straight to his lungs and he ends up coughing for like 3 weeks. So it seems that Urijah takes after his dad.

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