Friday, May 22, 2009


I decided long ago that my kids would not be into Dora. She totally annoys me. I know it can be a good thing to teach your kids another language at a young age, but she just seriously bugs me. My friends tell me I'm crazy and that Mika will probably get into her around age three or so. Well, I have a plan of attack - I will get Mika into Disney Princesses! While we were recently in MN visiting friends, we went to the Mall of America and got Mika her first barbie-ish Ariel Doll.

I've already decided for her second birthday I'm going to make her a princess cake. I decided this after I made two mini-princess dolls for the joint 1 year/3 year birthdays of some friend's daughters. They were SO much fun to make!!

Obviously I still need to work on my icing/decorating skills, but it'll be fun!


Dukymom said...

Sooooo cute!!! You did a great job!

My life said...

those are cute cakes!

Im very into the aurora is named after sleeping beauty... and she has a TON of sleeping beauty stuff..

I cant stand dora either.. Auroras fave show right now is Handy manny and it does the billingual stuff... actually im currently watching an episode with her lol.. She also is obbsessed with wall e

Michelle said...

So cute! I got into cakes too for birthdays! It's fun to do it for them, I think!

And as far as Dora goes...I'm too late...I've got an OBSESSED little boy, although he likes swiper! LOL!

Mary Heiss said...

I can't believe you were in MN and didn't tell me! Humph! :(

Kailah said...

I'll have to tell you next time Mary! :)