Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poor Baby Mika :(

Honestly, I was waiting to write about this because I was hoping we'd go to the Dr really fast, and I'd be able to give a great pro-active update. Unfortunately, that is not yet the case.

Since Mika was a year old she's been getting really bad diaper rashes. REALLY bad diaper rashes. The scabby, won't-go-away type. Fortunatly not the open-bleeding-sore type, but almost there. We've taken her to the pediatrition a couple of times for it, plus our pedi glanced at it at each of Urijah's appointments, and at Mika's 15 month appointment. We feel like we've tried just about everything - Aquaphore, Nystantin (a yeast med), Bacitracian (an antibacterial OTC med), a special compound of Aquaphore and a steroid, plus Courtaid 2x/day. We think that her last round of a rash was Staph (scary, I know! But the pedi says it's not as bad as it sounds) and that the Bacitracian helped it. She still had red spots, but we were told that they were probably scars from how bad the rash was.

Well, now here we are about three weeks later and she has ANOTHER rash. I know what started THIS one. A week and a half ago we gave her a LOT of bluberries. That really affected her pooping. (TMI, I know) I mean, it turned terquoise!!! And she immediately got a rash. We started immediate action with all of the things above, and.....nothing. It's still horrible! It will start to get better, then she'll poop again and it's back to really bad! She's definately in pain, too, poor baby.

So I called the pedi again, and she's reffering us to the dermatologist. Only problem is the pedi wants us in THIS WEEK and the dermatologist can't get us in until February 4th. So today after Mika started gasping in pain I called the dermatologist in tears begging them to find a cancellation or gap somewhere so my baby can be seen. The nurse was really sweet when she called back, and now we're hopefully going to get a call from another nurse tomorrow telling us they talked to a different Dr. and he can see us.

I just hope we have a good update soon!

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