Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I am currently in a land called pre-labor. It's an encouraging, but not so nice place between Braxton-Hicks Contractions, and 2 minute apart/4 centemeter dialated active labor. Basically, I am having quite painful contractions every 20 minutes that I have to stop and breathe through, and wake me if I'm asleep.

I was contracting pretty regularly last night - every 10 minutes until about 4am, then because I hadn't eaten in a while they were at 2.5 minutes. I took a shower, ate (a protein bar and baked potato of all things - I think my body was telling me I should carbo-load, lol!!), had a gatorade and spent time timing them. I was about to tell Zarik we should put our hospital stuff in the car when they started spacing out again, so I went back to bed and they spaced back out to 20 min where they've been ever since. I had my chiropractor appointment and saw Sharon (my midwife) today, and they pretty much just said hang in there, you're getting so close! I just really hope I can last until active labor - these contractions HURT and are draining me. Zarik is making sure I stay hydrated and eat enough to keep my body functioning through this, though. He's the best! I think he just likes being able to put all our labor practice into play for the first REAL time, lol.

Please pray for me (for all of us) as, even though it is exciting, I am getting tired and a little frustrated, especially knowing it could be days of this. I really want to stay positive and optimistic, but it's not easy.

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Adrienne Hicks said...

How exciting! You're getting there! I was in pre-labor for 2 weeks but it wasn't as intense as yours sounds, besides that you are full-term. I was in pre-labor from 35 weeks to 37 weeks. It won't be too much longer! Did you find out if you are dilated yet?