Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An eventful week.....

Well, it all started with Zarik FINALLY going to work again. He went on a four day trip that had LOTS of overnight time in Chicago. With an all women crew. Hehe!! Poor guy. He got home Wednesday night.

Thursday, due to an series of unfortunate events, Sierra, one of our huskys, got out and gave Zarik a good run through the Safeway parking lot, in and out of stores and everything. He decided then and there to shave her neck and put our shock collar on her. We just needed new batteries from WalMart.

Friday, we woke up to go to WalMart, went downstairs to go to the car, and found our bottom floor flooded. Zarik did a little damage control then we left. After we came home, he went to clean it up better and figure out what the problem was. He came upstairs a few hours later to tell me that while he didn't know exactly what was wrong, he knew what the flood was - it was sewage. Flooded all over. Great. We quickly figure out that ANY water poured down any drain, or any toilet flushed makes it back up, so we have to stop using all water and toilets. And I'd had a very productive day and was halfway through boiling and washing cloth diapers, and cleaning the kitchen top to bottom, including 2 loads of dishes. All that came to a grinding halt. The night ended with Mike throwing up all over me, and us having to leave 2 blankets and all our clothes stinking up the laundry room.

Saturday, Zarik was able to get a hold of a sewer and drain guy who rushed up and fixed what was a clog in our sewer line. Yeah!!!! And it only cost $120 on a Saturday! God is Good! Needless to say, we spent the rest of that day SCRUBBING.

Sunday about 3am, Zarik woke up throwing up. We now knew that Mika's throw up incident wasn't random: it was the flu. Poor Zarik spend all day in bed aching and feeling downright miserable. The worst part was that Zarik hadn't really had any time with his baby girl in a week and they were both missing it.

Monday morning, I woke up throwing up. Thank God Zarik was feeling better. It was JUST the 24 hour flu. So he got to spend that much desired time with Mika while I lay in bed aching and trying to rest.

Today, Tuesday, we are finally all doing much better. The carpet still needs some work from our "sewer" incedent, we are about 4 days behind on chores and such, and we still have NO energy, but we realize it could have been a LOT worse. I just hope our lives get a little more eventful between now and the time Urijah comes.....

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