Friday, April 4, 2008

A long two weeks

Well, the sickies still have not left our house. With the lack of sleep and Mika being so sick, either Zarik or I was bound to get sick, and Zarik was the unlucky one. (Or was I, since I now got to take care of two sickies, lol?) Mika has gone through the flu-like virus, a resperatory virus, and now has a sore throat and is hoarse as all get out, poor baby. Zarik caught her resperatory virus and it went straight to his lungs, so he's been coughing a lot. And I woke up yesterday coughing and today have a mild sore throat. *Sigh* Hopefully we're at the end of it all though. The really sucky thing was we had to go to a funeral in California int he middle of all this. My cousin Shawn, who was 46 years old, had an aortic anyerism and passed away suddenly. So what should have been a joyous celebration of long life (we were supposed to have my grandmother's 90th birthday party) turned into a funeral. The trip went well, despite the nature of it, and we did get to enjoy fellowship with family. And we had a really yummy strawberry-filled cake for grandma at the reception.

Now we are just taking it easy and trying to recover from all this. Lots of prayers that everyone else out there is staying healthy!

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