Thursday, April 17, 2008

I felt Munchkin today!!

I am now 11weeks5day pregnant. I've been a little bit worried the past few days because I have not started to get a belly yet, and they say with #2 you start showing earlier. Well, due to an almost 10lb loss thanks to morning sickness, my regular jeans are kinda loose right now! (And yes, I know morning sickness is a VERY good sign everything is ok, lol!)

Anyways, I was laying in bed trying to get some more sleep this morning. (Zarik got Mika up since today was my only day in almost 2 weeks I've had to sleep in) I was on my back and was kinda pushing on my tummy hoping everything was ok in there. Well, all of a sudden, I had a little lump on the right side! I remember this happening with Mika, so I knew it was baby!! Then there was a little "pop" feeling, too!! The lump went away for a few seconds, then came back! WHOOHOO!!! I am really excited, and feel a lot better that everything is ok.

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