Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Year in Pictures

Wow! Has it really been almost a full year since I posted?? I guess as a mom of 3 now I don't feel like I have much to say besides "Fed the kids breakfast - Changed a diaper - Picked up toys - Changed another diaper - Fed the kids again - Changed ANOTHER diaper - FINALLY the kids are in bed and I get a feaking second to myself".

Now that we finally moved the baby out of our room (Ok, ok, we actually put him in my closet so he's not really out of our room, but I'm getting a lot more sleep!) and dealing with my health (more on that in another post) I'm finally feeling more like myself and like I can update on what we're up to. PLUS, we got a new camera! My big Sony Cybershot SLR wasn't holding a charge anymore so besides our smartphones we'd been camera-less for a while. I was looking for something smaller that could fit in my pocket and work with just one hand since I'm quite often carrying a kid or two plus diaperbag and food and get the idea. So I got this pretty little number:

So here we go: A year in pictures


Starbucks in Reno while Driving to Grandma's

Babywearing Daddies are Hot!
Bumps and Bruises

Learning to eat the "Baby Led Weaning" Style
Naps with Daddy

Sibling Fun
Naps on Mommy

We love Chick-Fil-A - This was Family Night
Up close and personal at Earth Day

Ezekiah got his turn with the nebulizer
Pioneer Days Train

We got to ride on Daddy's plane!
Family vacation in Telluride

Renaissance Festival

In the airport flying home from Grandma's
Mama's big helper in the kitchen

Astronauts at the Denver Museum of Science and History
Getting to ride on our first school bus (just from a parking lot to a Patriots Day Festival)

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