Friday, January 29, 2010


For Christmas we went back to California again this year. Lots of fun! The kids and I got to be there 2 weeks and Zarik was there a week, then flew back out for 2 days to pick us up (watch for the post on that!).

We had lots of fun hanging out with our families! Flene is pregnant again and was looking so cute with her baby belly! Jonathan's fiance Brittany was pregnant for Christmas (popped about a week later!). The kids loved seeing all their different aunts, uncles, grandparents, grandmother's dogs, cousins, etc. We were bad about getting pictures, but here are some from Christmas. Be sure to look through them all as I have pictures of my new nephew, Kayden at the bottom!

The Christmas Tree

Mika brought an Ariel with her, and got another one for Christmas! TWO Ariel's!

Grandma Minnie, Urijah, Jon, and Brittany

Shanna and Bobby - Brandon got them cool shirts that light up when they're close to each other, and go out when they're separated!

Papa played Santa

G-ma made sure she got it all on video

Mika had fun opening all her presents!

Kayden Scott! 12-30-09 7lbs1oz, 19"

Here's a cool montage of Kayden's first photoshoot!

Kayden Parsons from LivingStone Photography on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And baby makes three FIVE!

So I know this is really late coming out. But here you go!

We're pregnant! Again! And if this baby comes on it's due date, We will have 3 under 3 for 2 days. And the crazy thing is, this baby was planned. I know. We must be nuts, haha. But we definitly felt that it was time.

So, as most of the women I know know, I am very in tune with my body. And as I joke, I know too much about fertility. I knew over a week before I could test that I was pregnant. And a few days after I knew, I had my first scare. I was spotting. I know most women would just say "oh my period's coming", but like I said - I'm very in tune with my body and knew I was pregnant already. I suspected that I had a progesterone deficiency, so I anxiously waited until I saw the proof the dr's would need:

(BTW, isn't that ClearBlue test cool? It actually tells you how far along you are! The tests aren't available in the US yet, but I found them on EBay. I'm a nerd.)

I called my Certified Nurse Midwife immediately and they sent me for bloodwork that day. The next morning I got the confirmation and they called in a prescription for synthetic progesterone for me that day.

About two weeks later I went in for my first appointment and got an ultrasound! We could barely see the baby, but it had a heartbeat!!

During the weeks before my appointment, Zarik and I had been talking and praying about the care provider and place of birth we wanted for this birth. Our insurance changed as of January (locked in as of October) which opened up different options to us. After much consideration we decided on going with a midwife and a homebirth. So when we came back from California after Christmas, we met with our new midwife. She had a bit of a hard time finding li'l bean's heartbeat (li'l bean is my nickname for this one) with the doppler so she did an ultrasound too!

So far this has been a decent pregnancy. I have had morning *ahem* all-day sickness since about 5 1/2 weeks along. However, it's been better than with Mika and Urijah. I haven't lost any weight this time. I've been able to eat more than cheese and crackers. And at 13 weeks (where I am now) I'm starting to get my appetite back even though my gag reflex is still sensitive. We'll be seeing the midwife every three weeks for our appointments and I'm getting chiropractic care weekly like with Mika and Urijah.

So there you are! As crazy as we may be, at least they'll all be out of the house early, haha!!