Friday, January 29, 2010


For Christmas we went back to California again this year. Lots of fun! The kids and I got to be there 2 weeks and Zarik was there a week, then flew back out for 2 days to pick us up (watch for the post on that!).

We had lots of fun hanging out with our families! Flene is pregnant again and was looking so cute with her baby belly! Jonathan's fiance Brittany was pregnant for Christmas (popped about a week later!). The kids loved seeing all their different aunts, uncles, grandparents, grandmother's dogs, cousins, etc. We were bad about getting pictures, but here are some from Christmas. Be sure to look through them all as I have pictures of my new nephew, Kayden at the bottom!

The Christmas Tree

Mika brought an Ariel with her, and got another one for Christmas! TWO Ariel's!

Grandma Minnie, Urijah, Jon, and Brittany

Shanna and Bobby - Brandon got them cool shirts that light up when they're close to each other, and go out when they're separated!

Papa played Santa

G-ma made sure she got it all on video

Mika had fun opening all her presents!

Kayden Scott! 12-30-09 7lbs1oz, 19"

Here's a cool montage of Kayden's first photoshoot!

Kayden Parsons from LivingStone Photography on Vimeo.


My life said...

awww.. looks like fun! What part of cali?

Kailah said...

Hi Christine! It's been a while! How are your two kiddos doing? We were in NorCal, in the Sacramento area. We both grew up there. Hugs!!