Thursday, March 11, 2010


January 23rd my baby sister go married!! We are so blessed that she found Bobby. He is an amazing addition to our family. And their day was amazing!

They chose The Pinery for their big day. SUCH a great choice! Highly recommend them to anyone wanting to get married in Colorado Springs. The coordinator and her assistant made the day so stress and wrinkle free. They have their own florist/decorator in house and she was fabulous! It was so much fun to work with her and dream up the perfect Winter Wonderland theme. And the DJ kept the reception jumping and fun but on track (and our track was tight!). He was amazing!

The big day started with all of us bridesmaides at the hairdresser. We love The Edge! They did such a good job and it was such a fun and relaxing way to get te day started!

After getting pampered I finished up the cake and left to go set it up while the girls got ready, got Starbucks and got down to The Pinery for the wedding!!

The brides and grooms rooms are amazing! They are such nice places to hang out, get ready and try to relax. They gave us some yummy fruit, cheese, and deli plates, water, and champagne. I think I was the last one dressed as I helped Shanna with her dress, then got Mika dressed, lol.

Finally it was Wedding Time!!

Mika did such a good job of walking with me and throwing her petals out! I did let her keep her binky so she would have a "comfort" measure, but it worked! (She had been starting to freak out in the brides room, so I was worried!) We had a "backup" of Grandma, who of course was sitting up front as Mother of the Bride, who had snacks and toys, just in case. However, the ring bearer ended up standing with us instead of the groomsman (his mom and dad were both in the wedding) so he kept her plenty occupied. (They're the same age. I think Logan's like 2 weeks older than Mika)

Shanna was so beautiful walking in! I was wishing I'd stuffed a tissue down my dress! The ceremonly was short, but gorgeous, just like Shanna wanted. And a good thing too! Mika and Logan were having TOO much fun. Everyone said they were great entertainment, but Kaidi (Logan's mom) and I were scared they were going to knock something over. And they almost did knock a big pillar of flowers over, so our fears were justified!!

After the ceremony, all the guests went to the banquet room for finger foods while we got some pictures done. Again, short and sweet, which was nice. Then Shanna and Bobby had a few more done while the rest of us got qued up and the family went into the banquet room. Next was the "grand entrance" and let the reception begin!! The food was AMAZING. I've been trying to recreate their sauteed vegi's ever since. Prime rib cooked perfectly. Ok, now I want to go back in time!

The DJ kept us hopping with things to do. I was in the reception the whole time with my "maid of honor duties" while some of the other bridesmaides and groomsman got the limo all packed up. I got to dance, give the toast, help with the money dance, and try to give my poor husband a break from our antsy son! We were all exhausted afterwards, but it was amazing! Shanna and Bobby left amid a ton of bubbles, and then cleanup time. Many hands make light work, though, and we had all the cars packed with everything in no time. (Notice I didn't say it was ORGANIZED in our cars, lol)

Congratulations, Shanna and Bobby!!!

For more pictures, you can click here, or go to my facebook page and I have it linked from my profile. Enjoy!

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