Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fun With Family

A couple of weeks ago we went to Breckenridge with my family. It was a ton of fun! Here is our trip in pictures:

When we got there it was Kingdom Days which is Breck's celebration of their heritage. We got these fun old time pictures of everyone but Zarik. Zarik unfortunately had to work, so he wasn't with us for the first 3 days.

Mom and Jon played a little plastic horseshoes.....

While Mika played in the sand.

Shanna and Bobby were lookin' cute...

As was Brittany who was playing with Sophie.

Oh, and did I mention we watched Outhouse Races? But we never found out who won because we had to leave early due to rain.

We waited out the rain at (where else?) Starbucks, where Mika got a chocolate rush.

Back at our condo, we discovered a family of foxes lived under one of the decks!

A couple days later, Shanna and Bobby had to leave us, and I had to come back for a meeting, so Jon and Brittany joined us and we went to the Zoo! Jon had fun rockclimbing...

As did Bobby.

Brittany fed the giraffes...

As did Jon.

Near the end of the week we drove through Rocky Mountain National Forest. Jon and Zarik pose at the highest point in the road.

Wow! Zarik and I got a good picture of the two of us!

This is what Mika thought of all the driving this day...

But Urijah was cool about it all.

And we got to enjoy some wildlife along with the view!

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Dukymom said...

What a beautiful family I have!! I am so blessed!! Good pics of everyone!