Friday, April 17, 2009

Update on Mika's brace and Urijah's Reflux

Since my last post I've been meaning to post pictures of the brace, but Zarik has been monopolizing the laptop, which is where I upload my pictures. Bad, Zarik! (LOL!)

Here are a couple of pictures I got of her when I'd first put the brace on for night time.

I also called the orthopedic back, and we now go for a checkup on her feet in August, when she turns 2, instead of just October. So about 4 months instead of 6 months. We'll still have an x-ray of her hips in 6 months to see where those are and if we need an additional brace for those.

She has done remarkably well adjusting to the Denis Browne Bar. She does wake up and fuss for a minute when she tries to roll over or pull her feet under her, but she goes right back to sleep. She doesn't protest us putting the shoes on for bedtime and naps either, which is definitely a small miracle! We call them her "Night Night Shoes" and try to be upbeat when getting them and putting them on her, so I think that helps the situation.


Urijah's reflux is really good now! We had a friend of ours suggest we try using Dr Browns Bottles for him, and even gave us one of hers to try. After just 3 feedings we were convinced and ran out to Walmart to buy our own! We had been trying soy formula, which had made a little difference, but not much, but we decided to see if he could handle regular formula on these new bottles, and it worked. Which is great on our budget, lol. I talked to the pediatrician, and she is thrilled that these bottles are working so well. We have a plan to start weaning him of the previcid next week and see if we can control the reflux with just these bottles. Yeah!

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