Monday, February 9, 2009

Gone and Done It

Well, Dear friends and family, I have gone and done it - again.

I have become a Pampered Chef Consultant.

Something I promised Zarik I would never do again.

But who am I to say no to God?

Ok, does that sound a little cheeky? Let me 'splain...

First of all, I have ALWAYS loved Pampered Chef. I was hooked from the first time my mom took me to a cooking show with her. Even my bridal shower was a Pampered Chef Show! I tried to be a consultant twice before, but couldn't get enough shows booked. (Only 2 the first time - none the second)

Well, I can really be a walking advertisement for Pampered Chef. "This recipe is awesome! Can I have it?" - Of Course! And it's Pampered Chef! "That is a cool kitchen gadget. Where'd you get it?" - It's Pamered Chef! "How did you slice your apples like that?" - With this really neat Pampered Chef tool! I guess I've been doing it a lot lately, because I've had a bunch of people tell me I should just be a consultant.

Then I heard from God.

There was a Word spoken over me that I would have a ministry with women helping them create beauty from the ashes in their lives. God REALLY impressed this on my heart while I was contemplating all the people telling me I should do Pampered Chef. So I started praying about it. And praying some more. And some more. And I really felt like God was saying "DO IT!!!"

So I done it. Er, did it.

So my Dear friends and family, don't be suprised if you get a call (once I work up the nerve) and tell you that this is what I am doing and ask if you want to help me by hosting a show. And don't be suprised at the excitement (or nervousness) in my voice. 'Cause it's not easy to call a bunch of different people and try to get them as excited as you are about something. But I am determined. :-)

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Grace said...

Forgive me, but when I saw the title of the post, I thought, "She's pregnant again." Good luck with teh PC stuff. I may call you now and then for random products. I love their stuff too!