Friday, November 14, 2008

Urijah's 2 Week Doctor Appointment

So when we went for Urijah's newborn appointment, we saw a different pediatrition than our normal one because ours was sick that day. Everything looked good then, and he only lost 3lbs from his birth weight, but she said she wanted us to come back when he was 2 weeks old anyways. I'm glad we got to, though, so our pediatrition could look at him, too.

Breastfeeding is going VERY well and Urijah has already gained over a full pound over his "leaving the hospital" weight, which at 7lbs, 3.5oz is 14.5 oz over his birth weight! Go Tiny Man! She did a full exam on him since she hadn't seen him herself yet and said that everything looks great!! He lost most of his cord at 4 days old, and the last little piece a few days ago. Even though it's still oozing a tiny bit, she said it looks good.

Mika is doing very well with the transition to being a big sister. She has been a little more moody, but then again, she's a toddler now!

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Dani said...

Well of course he's a good breastfeeder .. he's male! lol (all in good fun)